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Personal Service Criminal Defense Attorney

Personal service means being able to talk to your attorney when you need help.  If you or a loved one has been arrested or investigated for a crime, you deserve a competent criminal defense attorney that provides personal service, not lip service.  You might think hiring a large firm with fancy offices, extensive advertising, and plush furniture means you're getting the best defense.  Think again.

After practicing criminal Defense exclusively for the last twenty years, I've seen many big "firms" come and go.  Unlike civil attorneys, who hire and fire hundreds, or even thousands of attorneys, criminal law is different.  When faced with criminal charges, your interaction with your attorney is critical, time is short, and you need straight answers.  Don't rely on a website or commercial to give you advice, talk directly to an attorney who gives answers, not false promises.

When people call my offices seeking help, they are often shocked that I answer the phone.  "I want to talk to an attorney", they often say.  I respond "How can I help?"

Especially in San Diego, Vista, El Cajon and Chula Vista Courts, there is a growing trend for advertisers to "market" a DUI attorney.  It is a ploy to get you to call a "service", that then refers you to an attorney who paid for this marketing or advertising.  The marketing can make grandiose boasts regarding the competency of the attorney you get, without knowing or caring who that actually might be.  Many "firms" use non-attorney's to meet and sell the services of the firm, without actually evaluating your case or giving you advice, and take your money.  Only later do you find out an attorney may have touched your file for a few minutes, but you've paid thousands of dollars for their advertising and fancy offices.

When you call Bailey Criminal Defense, you talk to me, Joel Bailey, a native San Diegan who's been personally and aggressively representing the north County community for twenty years.  Personal service means the buck starts and stops with me, and you won't be "handed off" to a paralegal or secretary.  You get me, the real deal, and I will be honest, aggressive, and thorough.

Whether you've been charged with a DUI, drugs, domestic violence, sex crime, theft, or a crime of violence, you need someone you can rely upon to give you straight answers and agrressively defend you in court.

Don't hire an attorney for a DUI or criminal case until you've spoken directly with the attorney that is repsonsible for your freedom, your family, and your piece of mind.  Call my office today, and speak directly with the attorney you can rely upon to get you through this.

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