Alternatives to Jail

The State of California has outrageously over-crowded jail and prison systems.  In the past, San Diego County judges generally did not allow electronic surveillance or home confinement, although Attorney Joel Bailey  had success getting these results for clients with unusual circumstances.

The good news is, San Diego County in particular has recognized over-crowding as a budget and health problem. They’ve finally adopted a new policy that allows consideration of Electronic Home Confinement.  In San Diego County, the primary electronic Surveillance program is CPAC. CPAC an electronic monitoring system approved and supervised by the County probation department.

Electronic Home Monitoring as an Alternative

If you receive a jail sentence of one year or less, and it is not a serious or violent felony, then you may qualify for house arrest under the CPAC program.  Both misdemeanor and felony defendants can benefit from this alternative to jail. CPAC allows a person to keep their job, maintain their family, and avoid actual jail time.

Prior to entry, a pre-screening process by probation for felony cases, and a site visit by the program is required.  If you qualify, you will be able to serve your sentence in your own home, and be allowed to travel to and from work.  No social travel or un-approved movement is allowed.

For many, this a fabulous option to maintain a job, provide support for family, and continue to contribute to society.  The CPAC alternative to jail is not available to everyone, but with aggressive defense, it may be available in your case.

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Home detention can be an alternative to jail or prison in many different types of cases, although serious and violent felonies are generally excluded, but DUI, theft, fraud, and drug cases can use this as an effective alternative to jail.

Alcohol Monitoring as an Additional Component

Another option to keep clients out of jail is a SCRAM® (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) ankle bracelet.  SCRAM® allows the courts to constantly monitor a person’s blood alcohol level trans-dermally. It may be imposed as a condition of probation, or pre-trial release without bail. If a person fails to obey court orders and ingests alcohol, the monitoring program is notified and the person may be arrested.

An aggressive attorney can sometimes negotiate with the DA to strike a charge or change the charges. They can also convince a judge to stay a prison sentence, by incorporating the alcohol monitoring component.

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