There are many reasons why people get involved in drug crimes. One of the most common reasons is chemical abuse and drug addiction. Criminalizing people with chemical dependency problems by sentencing them to jail compounds an already frustrating problem. Jail doesn’t help people overcome addiction; treatment programs do.If you’ve been arrested and charged with a drug crime, you have options. I am a criminal defense attorney Joel Bailey. At my Vista, California, law office, I defend people accused of drug crimes ranging from simple possession to sale and distribution of controlled substances.

I don’t take criminal cases just to negotiate a plea agreement, but if a treatment program or alternative to jail is available and it’s going to help you, I push hard to get that option. I am an aggressive Southern California criminal defense lawyer with more than 22 years of experience. I know how to get results in drug crimes cases and how to help my clients meet Prop 36 requirements.

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Proposition 36 Avoids Jail And Prison Time

Proposition 36 prohibits people convicted of nonviolent drug offenses from being incarcerated, but even if your offense was nonviolent, you still must qualify for the Proposition 36 program. What could stand in your way of qualifying for a Proposition 36 treatment program?

  • If you were in possession of a quantity of a drug (marijuana, cocaine, meth or any drug) that was presumed to be too much for personal use
  • You were charged with any other, nondrug-related offense, or had a prior offense within the past five years

Aggressive Defense Strategies Can Make A Difference

The district attorney (DA) might be saying you don’t qualify, but I’ve been able to get charges dropped down so Proposition 36 was available.

The DA may say that you had too much of a drug in your possession for personal use. But an aggressive defense attorney can argue that’s not the case. I’ve been able to convince the DA that the drugs in my client’s possession were for personal use and my client should be eligible for drug treatment as opposed to a jail or prison sentence.

The DA may be saying this is a strike offense or you have too many priors. I can argue that prior conviction wasn’t valid and you should qualify for Proposition 36 now.

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This is your life and your future. I will do everything I can to get your case adjudicated through Prop 36 so you can do a drug program and then get your case dismissed. If you are charged with a drug crime in Southern California, contact my Vista criminal defense law office for an aggressive defense. I offer a free consultation, and I’m available 24 hours a day.