In 2011, California revised its sentencing guidelines to reduce the number of inmates in its prisons and to have them serve up to 10-year sentences in the county jails instead. This is to the state’s advantage, in that it doesn’t have to pay as much to house inmates, and to the inmates’ advantage, in that they are then not sent far away from friends, families and local legal support.If you are convicted of a certain non-violent, non-serious crime and you are not a sex offender, you will serve your sentence in the county jail instead of being sent to state prison. This does not apply to all cases, including vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, street and criminal gang activity, bribing a legislator or judge, or possession of an explosive or destructive device. In all, there are 59 exceptions to the prison realignment. In these cases, you would go to state prison. If you have a prior “strike” you will also serve your sentence in state prison.Also, “split sentences” can be negotiated whereby a sentence may be served partially in county jail and partially on “supervised release,” which could drastically reduce actual time in custody. Call today to find out how I can help put you in the best position possible if you are potentially facing a jail or prison sentence.Call (760) 643-4025 or e-mail me to set up your free initial consultation today. Hablamos español.

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As a lawyer in Vista, California, I know how sentencing guidelines can be applied and how to make them work to your best advantage. As part of this realignment system, most local jail and prison sentences are given “half time,” meaning a sentenced prisoner serves half (or less) of the actual sentence imposed.

I will fight for your rights. My main goal is to keep you out of jail. If that isn’t possible, I will work to get the charges and sentence reduced so you spend the shortest, closest time away from your home and family.

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