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Drug Charges

A drug arrest is a serious offense in California. Protecting your record and your freedom requires a skilled, experienced criminal defense. I'm San Diego drug crimes attorney Joel Bailey. I can help you get the results you need. Contact my Vista law firm today for your free consultation.

“I can make the difference between jail and freedom.” – Joel Bailey

California has very serious penalties for almost all drug violations, ranging from fines and loss of driving privileges to years in prison. Although the law is constantly changing on the use and prosecution of drugs, why take a chance? Protect yourself and your future by calling a competent, knowledgeable attorney today.

When arrested for a drug crime, it's important to build the strongest defense possible, as early as possible. With more than 25 years of experience defending people against drug offenses and other criminal charges, I look for every possible avenue to keep my client out of jail after a drug arrest. Police misconduct? Wrongful search and seizure? I work hard to protect your rights. If your rights have been violated, we may be able to suppress evidence or even have the case dismissed.

Don't Forfeit Your Rights

Get an attorney quickly. Even before formal charges are filed, I may be able to help you by negotiating lesser charges with the district attorney (DA). I defend against any and all drug charges — for any and all drugs:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug dealing/drug sale
  • Conspiracy to distribute
  • Drug manufacture, meth labs or marijuana cultivation
  • Drug trafficking
  • Prescription fraud
  • Pot/marijuana/khat/opium
  • Meth/methamphetamines/speed
  • Cocaine/crack/coke/coca
  • Heroin
  • Prescription drugs, prescription painkillers
  • Designer drugs/Ecstasy

Contact Me To Learn About Alternatives To Jail

A number of programs have been created to allow people accused of qualifying drug offenses to avoid jail. Learn more about drug court, Proposition 36 treatment programs, diversion programs and other ways to avoid a jail sentence.

If you would benefit from treatment for chemical abuse and/or chemical dependency, I'll work hard to get you the help you need. I defend people facing drug charges throughout Southern California. Contact my Vista criminal defense law office for an aggressive help. I offer a free consultation, and I'm available 24 hours a day.