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PC 1000 Diversion to Avoid Jail for Drug Charges

Because drug crimes are viewed as serious offenses in California, even a conviction for simple possession may result in jail time. However, the state does offer alternatives to jail for those who meet certain criteria.

If you have been arrested for drug crimes, I can help you explore your legal options including alternatives to jail such as PC 1000 diversion. Contact me, lawyer Joel Bailey for experienced criminal and drug charges defense in Southern California.

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In California, there are two main alternatives to jail time for drug crimes: PC 1000, also known as deferred entry of judgment, and Proposition 36/PC 1210, also known as the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act. These alternatives allow criminal offenders to have a second chance, obtain treatment and avoid jail or prison time.

For Proposition 36, a person convicted of a first or second non-violent drug crime who meets specific criteria may be eligible for state-regulated drug treatment instead of incarceration. After treatment, a person will be required to complete drug testing for a specific period of time. If she or he remains drug free and crime free, the original charges may be dismissed.

You May Be Able To Set Aside A Guilty Plea

PC 1000 diversion allows a person to plead guilty for a non-violent drug crime in exchange for the court to defer judgment. Following a plea, the individual must complete an outpatient drug and alcohol program, not be arrested for 18 months and pay a fee to the courts. If he or she successfully completes these steps, the court will enter a judgment of dismissal allowing the person to move forward in life without having a conviction create a criminal record.

Should an individual enter an approved PC 1000 diversion program and fail to benefit from it, or if she or he continues to engage in criminal conduct, the court will find the person guilty of the charges he or she pled to. A judgment will then be entered and a sentencing hearing will be scheduled.

Get An Attorney's Assistance As Soon As Possible

Because PC 1000 diversion is offered for only the first offense, it is important to work with an experienced lawyer when you face drug charges. As your attorney, I will aggressively defend your rights and pursue every legal option available. Contact me today. I am available 24 hours a day and offer a free consultation