At Bailey Criminal Defense, Inc., I always prepare every case as if it was going to go to trial. This gives me an edge over big firms or “dump trucks” that take in hundreds of cases for thousands of dollars, and then plead you at the first opportunity to make room for the next case.

The Difference Between Jail And Freedom Is An Aggressive Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested on a DUI charge or any other criminal charge, you must act immediately to protect your rights. Failing to get an aggressive attorney may result in forfeiting the right to fight for your license. Why risk losing your job or jeopardizing your family?

Unlike other law firms, where your case is taken in and then either sold to another lawyer or given to a junior attorney, when you hire me, I personally handle your case from start to finish. I will work with you to make sure you know what your rights are and how we can protect them. My team and I will assemble all of the details of your case and fight for your freedom. That’s why I’ve won cases that other lawyers would have plea bargained.

From my office across from the Vista, California, Courthouse, I have been defending people for more than 22 years. I pride myself on being accountable to my clients. And when you call, you get to talk to me instead of an answering service or a law clerk. I am personally committed to defend your life and liberty, and do not “pass the buck.” I care about what happens to you and your family, and I will fight for your future.

Don’t Do It Alone! Call Me Today For A Consultation

If you’re charged with drug possession, identity theft, sex offenses, DUI, domestic violence, three-strikes allegations or white collar crime, I will vigorously defend your rights. I will always work toward your freedom. I know the court system, and I can fight to provide alternative jail options when my clients need to avoid jail or prison.

Call me, Joel W. Bailey, at (760) 643-4025 or e-mail me to learn more about your rights. All major credit cards accepted.