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Restraining Order Violations

One of the most typical outcomes of a domestic violence arrest and/or conviction is that you may be the subject of a restraining order to keep you away from any alleged victims. Unfortunately, you may not be fully aware of the terms of the order, and even a slight slip-up could lead to further arrests on a restraining order violation charge.

At Bailey Criminal Defense, Inc., in Vista, California, I will work quickly to help you understand what your restraining order means and contest any charges you face. With more than 22 years as a criminal defense attorney, I know how to fight to protect your rights and give you the best chance to maintain your freedom and your reputation.

“I can make the difference between jail and freedom.” – Joel Bailey

Take Orders Of Protection Seriously

Even if you are the victim of false allegations of abuse or harassment, you must obey the conditions of a restraining order to avoid further arrest. This can include not making any contact — in person, via phone, text or e-mail — or coming within a certain distance of the alleged victim or his or her family members.

Even if you want to talk with the victim just to “try and reason” with him or her, do not. No matter your intent, you will likely be arrested. Let me fight the restraining order on your behalf through the courts.

As your lawyer, I will explore all avenues available to build a strong defense on your behalf. This can include proof that you unintentionally violated the order, that you didn't even know you were the subject of an order or that you were set up to violate an order.

Protect Your Rights. Contact My Law Firm For Help.

An important fact to remember: If the person who took out the order against you contacts you and asks to meet or talk, refuse and contact me as soon as possible. Do not allow yourself to be set up by someone with bad intentions.

As soon you are the subject of a restraining order, contact my law firm in Vista, California, by calling 760-643-4025. I am available to clients 24 hours a day to ensure their rights are not being trampled. Se habla español.