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Are you facing long prison time under California’s three-strikes law? You need an experienced lawyer who will work hard for your case. Contact me, Vista, California, three-strikes law attorney Joel Bailey today for your free consultation. California has one of the most severe mandatory sentencing structures for serious and/or violent felonies.Serious sentence enhancements are statutorily required on any felony conviction if the person has suffered a prior serious or violent felony (“Strike”). A single “Strike” prior results in mandatory prison, doubling the term of imprisonment and reduced conduct (good time/work time) credits.If you are charged with a serious or violent felony, and have two or more qualifying serious or violent felonies in your past, you will be facing a mandatory indeterminate life sentence without the possibility of parole for at least 25 years.

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Thanks to a more recent law, also called Proposition 36, the state’s three-strikes law has been changed to require the third strike to be serious or violent. Prior laws required the life sentence on any felony if two “strike” priors were alleged and proved. Where previously any felony conviction as a third strike would mean life in jail, the law has been changed to state that only “serious or violent” felony third-strike convictions will mean life in prison.

If you have any prior qualifying “strikes,” or are facing a serious or violent felony for the first time, you could face significant prison time. Now is the time to invest in your future and secure the best attorney to protect your life and family.

Under current law, convictions such as residential burglary, criminal threats, various qualifying assault and battery charges, and other problems in your past can result in potential life sentences for conviction of a serious or violent qualifying felony.

All “strike” convictions require presumptive prison sentences, drastic reduction in credits for incarceration and the potential for future life sentence enhancements, even on first conviction for some “super-strike” offenses.

As a Southern California three-strikes law attorney, I will work hard to keep you from suffering the serious penalties associated with California’s three-strikes law. I can work to reduce felonies to misdemeanors or negotiate other favorable plea agreements, or vigorously fight and win at trial.

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