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Don't be a Victim of the System. Know your rights and Protect Yourself.

Carlsbad and Vista Criminal Defense and Family Attorney

I can make the difference between Jail and Freedom

Carlsbad/Vista Criminal Lawyer

Whenever you are contacted by law enforcement or think you're in trouble, contact an aggressive Vista Criminal Defense Attorney for advice. Whether it is DUI, domestic violence or drug possession, embezzlement, sex crime, theft, fraud or an innocent mistake, I'm criminal defense attorney Joel Bailey, and I can help.

After more than 30 years of practicing criminal defense, all too often, I see people who make mistakes and cooperate with the very people trying to build a case against them because of fear, coercion, or uncertainty. Don't be confused; you have rights but must exercise them. I can protect you and your rights.

Call JB Law, APC., in Carlsbad and Vista, California, at (760) 643-4025 or send me an e-mail to schedule your free initial consultation today.


Having a competent, assertive Carlsbad and Vista Criminal Defense Attorney to protect your rights is critical; the initial stages of an investigation are critical and where I can benefit most. Too many times, clients have told me, “I didn't think I was in trouble [yet],” or, “they didn't read me my rights.” Usually, the government makes you think you are not in trouble in order to encourage you to talk and ultimately incriminate yourself. Stop being manipulated and take control.

Having a strong, dedicated lawyer by your side avoids being crushed by the system and protects the rights our country holds so dear, yet takes away so quickly from the uninformed and unrepresented.

I am a San Diego native who has lived here my entire life; I know the area, law enforcement, DAs, and judges. If you're facing criminal prosecution for any law violation, don't kid yourself: you need help. Call me today for a free consultation and learn how to take back control of your future.


I am not a big, fancy law firm that charges big fees, hands you off to a rookie who just got a bar card, and treats you like a number with dollar signs. I am a solo attorney with a family of my own, and I realize this can be the most important decision in your life. Protect your liberty, your family, and your future by calling today for a free, honest, accurate opinion of your legal situation.

You always have the right to a good, tough lawyer. The earlier you call, the more I can help. Often when hired in time, I can even prevent a prosecution from starting. Call me at (760) 643-4025 or e-mail me. I can be reached 24/7, and I have the answers to the questions that matter most to you right now. Jail visits available. Hablamos español.

Excellent representation at reasonable rates. All major credit cards accepted, payment plans available, and Military discounts available.

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Free 20 minute Consultation

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