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Relentless Representation that gets Results

Facing criminal charges, investigations or just being contacted by law enforcement for “questioning” is something we never hope you have to experience. Yet that is exactly the unfortunate circumstance that many Oceanside area residents find themselves in every year.

If you have concerns about any issue that may be considered criminal in nature, are under investigation, charged or have been contacted by police, reach out to an Oceanside criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

At JB Law we provide aggressive representation, advocacy and legal support that gets results. Protect your rights by calling us for a free initial consultation at (760) 643-4025.

The Right Oceanside Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal investigation, no matter how “small” or seemingly insignificant, can have a serious impact on your life, both now and in the future. Seeking help immediately can protect your career, your reputation, and your family.

Privacy and “personal” information really don't exist in this digital age.  Even a simple contact with law enforcement can have a serious impact on your life, your career and your personal privacy.

Consequences of Having a Criminal Record May Include:

  • Limitations on child custody rights
  • Difficulty finding employment
  • Denial of meaningful employment
  • Driving privilege suspensions even if no conviction occurs;
  • Denial of civic rights such as voting, running for office or owning a firearm

At JB Law our team will work tirelessly on your behalf, fighting vigorously to protect your reputation, career, driving privileges and criminal history.  Contacting me early in an investigation allows me to get to work to prevent charges from even being filed. In the event that they are filed, we will be in your corner every step of the way, ensuring you have the full resources of our firm behind your case.

Types of Cases we Work With Include

  • DUI charges
  • Domestic violence
  • Sex offenses
  • Drug charges
  • White-collar crimes (embezzlement, wire fraud, mail fraud, etc.)
  • Restraining orders
  • Three strikes cases
  • And more…

27+ Years of Criminal Defense Experience

Put Our 27+ Years of Experience to Work for You

JB Law brings over 27 years of experience to the table. Our firm has helped countless clients prevent charges from being filed, beat cases, and win favorable outcomes both in and out of court.

Having a dedicated, passionate, and competent Oceanside criminal defense attorney in your corner is paramount to all stages of a potential or ongoing criminal investigation or defense.

Waiting to get help Puts you at Risk

Often the worst thing you can do is wait to hire a criminal defense attorney. Too often individuals in Oceanside feel like they have “nothing to hide” or “didn't do anything wrong”, so they cooperate with law enforcement.  Even if a cop doesn't read your constitutional rights, you voluntarily relinquish them by talking to law enforcement.

Some studies have suggested that up to 10,000 individuals are WRONGLY convicted each and every year. Don't risk becoming another statistic. Law enforcement may imply that you are NOT in trouble or NOT under investigation. These tactics are often used to lull individuals into a false sense of comfort and security. Remember, their job is not to be your friend, they are not on your side, but WE are.

Call or reach out at the first sign of trouble and let us do what we do best; protecting your rights and your future.  We will fight relentlessly on your behalf, using our decades of experience and battle-tested strategies to position your case for the best possible outcome.

How the Oceanside Criminal Defense firm with Attorney  Joel Bailey Can Help

When your rights, freedom and justice are on the line, you need a respected, talented and results-focused criminal defense attorney on your side.

The Oceanside legal system is complex, nuanced and difficult for anyone to navigate on their own. Often it is what you don't know that can hurt you the most. Let us help you during what is likely one of the most stressful and challenging times in your life.

We know first-hand how difficult the pressure of criminal investigations and charges can be on both our clients and their families.  We'll be here for you every step of the way, protecting your rights and helping you make informed, educated decisions.

Past Results from Getting an Experienced Attorney Early:

  • Prevention of charges being filed by the District Attorney
  • Dismissals based on illegal searches, failure to provide a speedy trial, or violation of your rights as an American;
  • Reduction of charges from serious felonies to misdemeanors
  • Advocating for, negotiating and obtaining favorable plea bargains
  • Fighting for, and Winning, Aquittals in Jury Trials

Reach Out Today for a Free Initial Consultation

Reach out to our firm today and find out why so many local Oceanside area residents trust us to protect their rights and freedom. If you are facing investigation or charges as a result of an alleged crime, don't hesitate, contact us immediately. Our team of compassionate and dedicated criminal defense attorneys are standing by, ready to  listen and help.


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