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Carlsbad Criminal Defense Attorney

Who is the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Carlsbad?

JB Law has successfully protected good people in bad situations for almost twenty-nine years.

Any arrest or investigation in Carlsbad is prosecuted in the Vista Superior Court, across the street from my office.  I've had an office across the street from Vista Court for over twenty years, and have enjoyed a very close relationship with judges, prosecutors and court staff over the years. This type of experience cannot be enjoyed by an out-of-town attorney with a fancy website.  Relationships forged over time cannot be replicated by a non-local attorney, no matter how fancy they say they are.  Don't go through this difficult time alone. Hire a Carlsbad criminal defense attorney that will fight vigorously for your rights and advocate for your case.

At JB Law we put our 28+ years of experience to work for you, leveraging battle-tested legal strategies and tactics that have won us a reputation as a firm to be reckoned with.

Since inception we've successfully defended countless individuals in the greater Carlsbad area, helping them achieve a favorable outcome and get back to life as usual.

Both in and out of the courtroom, we've got your back. Give us a call today to learn more about why so many local area residents trust us to represent them or their loved ones. Our team is standing by and ready to learn more about how we can help. Pick up the phone and call us at 760-643-4025 or message us through our contact form for a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas in Carlsbad, CA

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time, profiling, unscrupulous police work, association with other suspects, and a range of other factors can (unfairly) put you in the cross-hairs of law enforcement. Our law firm has extensive experience defending Carlsbad area residents from a range of allegations both in and out of court.

Areas of Representation Include:

  • DUI charges
  • Drug crimes
  • Three strikes cases
  • Domestic violence
  • Sex offenses
  • White-collar crime (wire fraud, embezzlement, etc.)
  • Restraining orders
  • And more…

Facing other criminal charges? We handle a broad range of criminal defense cases in addition to those listed above.

Reach out to us today and find out why so many have trusted us to protect their rights and clear their name.

Do you Need to Hire a Private Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you have concerns over a potential legal issue with criminal implications or have been contacted by law enforcement, you need a criminal defense attorney.  Do not wait to be arrested or charged before investing in your future.

Although you are “presumed” innocent, that doesn't mean you are safe from the long (and sometimes overreaching arm) of the law. In fact, it is estimated that around 10,000 individuals are wrongly convicted each and every year across the United States.

Don't become another statistic of a failed judicial system. Get the help and representation you deserve and protect your rights today.

A Preemptive and Defensive Move

Perhaps you remember your little league coach's words of wisdom: “A good defense is the best offense”. The same can be said with regards to criminal investigations and charges. The sooner you have a talented and persistent defense lawyer in your corner the better off you can position yourself for what lays ahead.

A Carlsbad criminal defense lawyer will represent your best interests at every stage of your ordeal, advocating for your rights and implementing legal strategies designed to prevent arrests from turning into charges and charges turning into court proceedings.

Law Enforcement Is there to Do Their Job – Let us do ours

Remember, law enforcement is NOT your friend. It is their job to get you to lower your guard and make statements that can, and often are, taken out of context against you. Cops can and do lie to suspects; it is part of their training.  Only an experienced, aggressive Carlsbad criminal defense attorney can stop the questions and start protecting your rights.

What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

The Carlsbad legal system is a complicated, high-stress, high-stakes system to navigate. A defense lawyer acts as your confidant, advocate, guide, and protector. They are an integral part of protecting your rights and doing everything you can to win a favorable outcome either in or out of court.

Case Consultation

This free, no-obligation initial consultation with Bailey Law firm allows both you and your criminal defense lawyer to meet each other, and for you to share details about the case as well as ask questions. This meeting helps both parties ensure that they are a good fit and sets the stage for potential legal remedies and defense strategies.

Investigation and Evidence

A good criminal defense attorney will leverage their connections and resources to investigate your case, uncovering evidence that supports your position and claims.

This may involve:

  • Forensic work
  • Private investigators
  • Identification and deposition of witnesses
  • Independent analysis of existing evidence
  • Review of police reports, video/images, communications, and other information
  • Consultation with relevant experts (medical, ballistics, etc.)
  • Confirmation and validation of alibis
  • Research of relevant case law
  • And more…

Analysis and Evaluation

Armed with investigative evidence and a thorough understanding of the prosecution's position, your Carlsbad defense attorney will evaluate and analyze all of the information and data in order to develop a deep understanding of the situation from all angles.

This includes finding “holes” and weaknesses in the prosecution's position, evidence, and approach that may be exploited to your advantage.

Devising a Defense Strategy

Post analysis your defense attorney will devise a defense strategy tailored to leverage the strengths of your case while addressing any weaknesses.

Ongoing Responsibilities Depending on the Case

  • Regular and consistent communication with the client
  • Assistance with jury selection
  • Fighting for dismissal of the charges
  • Negotiation, advocacy and obtaining an optimal plea bargain
  • Advocating for a reduction in charges
  • Vigorous trial representation and defense
  • Representation during sentencing
  • Appeals
  • And more…

Potential Defenses

Our firm will work with you to formulate a strategy that leverages all applicable theories of law and legal remedies available and appropriate. Potential legal defenses may include but are not limited to:

  • Self-defense
  • Defense of another person
  • Mistake of fact
  • Duress or threat of force
  • Lack of motive
  • Lack of the required intent
  • Intoxification
  • Medical conditions
  • Violation of your rights
  • And more…

Our legal team will use outside-the-box thinking and a creative approach to finding any opportunity or weakness in the prosecution's case that can be legally exploited to your advantage.

Results-Focused Representation you can Rely On

Don't let the stress and trauma of an arrest or investigation get you down. Hire a law firm you can rely on to handle your case. Our dedicated, passionate, experienced and voracious defense attorneys will be by your side every step of the way. We'll champion your case, spearhead a results-focused defense strategy and will fight for your rights at every turn.

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