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Illegal Search and Seizure

The state and federal constitutions protect citizens from unreasonable intrusions by the government. Unlawful car stops, illegal pat-down searches and defective warrants may lead to an arrest and prosecution. Fortunately, as a criminal defense attorney, I can protect your rights, and can suppress evidence illegally seized and even have cases dismissed based on illegal police misconduct. I am criminal defense attorney Joel Bailey, and I can take on that fight to protect your rights for you.

From my office in Vista, California, I represent clients facing all types of drug charges, drunk driving charges or any other criminal charges. If police search and confiscate any alleged “evidence” from you, contact my office as soon as possible.

“I can make the difference between jail and freedom.” – Joel Bailey

I Can Hold Law Enforcement Accountable On Your Behalf

Police and prosecutors count on you not being aware of your legal rights. That is how they talk people into incriminating themselves or allowing them to search your home or car when they do not have a warrant. They may claim they can get a warrant to enter your home without showing it to you.

If police knock on your door and ask to enter, you have the right to say no if they do not show you a valid search warrant. You can refuse them entry and make them provide the probable cause necessary to get a warrant.

Many drug prosecutions originate from searches by police that would not be legal, had the citizen known their rights to object to searches or remain silent. A stop without probable cause or a warrant is illegal without consent, and I may be able to file a motion to suppress that evidence. In many cases, I have been successfully argued to have evidence suppressed, which then led to charges being reduced or dismissed.

Get A Lawyer Who Will Fight Police Misconduct For You

I take Fourth Amendment violations extremely seriously. As your attorney, I will carefully examine police procedure in their investigation and arrest of you and look for opportunities to have the charges thrown out.

If you are under investigation on drug charges or any other type of misdemeanor or felony charge, contact my office today by calling 760-659-2179 or 877-330-5983. I am available 24 hours a day to protect your rights and interests. Se habla español.


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