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Do I Need an Attorney?

Cops won't tell you when you need an attorney. In fact, if a cop is talking to you, you need one. It is not in the interest of the police to tell you all of your rights. Their job is to put people in jail. They're also not going to look hard for evidence telling them you didn't do it. That's why you need a lawyer to help you and defend your rights. If you wait for a cop to tell you your rights, you've waited too long. Even if they say you are free to leave, you should know and exercise your rights by calling my office today. When a person is arrested, the first question that crosses his or her mind is “Do I need a lawyer?” The answer is, “Yes, you do.” The sooner you call one, the better. It can mean the difference between jail and freedom.

My job as your lawyer is to represent you and defend your rights, not help them build a case against you. I can be with you when you speak to the police and make sure your rights are secured. Don't be intimidated or manipulated, protect your rights by hiring an aggressive attorney who knows his clients will not surrender their freedom without a fight. Call Bailey Criminal Defense, Inc., at (760) 643-4025 before you are arrested. I can help you stay out of jail. Or send me an e-mail to schedule your free initial consultation. I accept all major credit cards for payment.

Having An Experienced Attorney On Your Side Takes Back Control

The best time to get a lawyer is BEFORE YOU ARE ARRESTED. Problems always arise when someone chooses to wait to get a lawyer until after they've been arrested. Inevitably they accidentally say something to the police that incriminates them or some procedure takes place that they don't understand they have the right to say no to, and the judicial ball starts rolling straight over them.

My job as a defense lawyer in Vista, California, is not just to defend your rights, it's also to educate you on what those rights are and how we can work together to make sure they are not violated. The more you know in advance, the easier it is for me to keep you out of jail and with your family, where you belong.

Once you retain me as your attorney, I am always available to you. My phone is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I want to know when something comes up on your end of a case and I will tell you everything that's happening on my end. By working together, we can get the best possible result from your legal situation.

It Is Never Too Early To Call An Attorney. Reach out Today.

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