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DMV Hearings


Is your license being suspended? Have you been arrested for a DUI or accumulated too many points on your license? Are you facing a negligent operator suspension or have a medical condition resulting in a mandatory reporter notifying the DMV resulting a revocation of your privilege? If so, you need a skilled attorney to represent you and protect your driving privileges before the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

I am Joel Bailey, and I am an experienced Vista DMV hearings attorney. Contact the law firm of Bailey Criminal Defense, Inc. to speak with me about your license suspension in a free consultation.

“I can make the difference between jail and freedom.” – Joel Bailey

Representing You In DMV Hearings

Driver's licenses are essential to every Californian. We need our driving privileges to get to work and school as well as the store. I can help protect your license if you have received notice of suspension due to:

Administrative per se (APS) action: If you have been arrested for drunk driving, your license will be automatically suspended through an APS action. I can work to fight it to have your license restored or to secure a restricted license or work permit for you to go to your job or drive to other essential places during your suspension.

Negligent operator: Your license can also be suspended as a result of too many points on your license. Known as a negligent operator suspension, I can help you request a hearing to contest the suspension of your license.

Medical-based DMV suspension: The DMV can revoke or suspend your license if you have a cognitive or medical condition that affects your ability to drive. Alzheimer's, dementia and other diseases and conditions can lead to accidents and injuries on the road. If you are facing license suspension for a medical condition I can help you understand your options, appeal your suspension and fight for the restoration of your driving privileges.

Driving on a suspended license is a crime. If your license has been suspended or you are on probation for a driving related crime, I can help you understand your rights and potential penalties you face.

Time Is Limited — Contact An Attorney Today

With every license suspension there is a limited amount of time to request a hearing to contest your suspension. Contact my law firm today to set up an appointment and fight your license suspension or revoked license.


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