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Effective DUI Defenses

There are many defenses available in a DUI case. As a lawyer, I can use these to my advantage when working to get your name cleared. Some of these are:

  • The officer had no legal right to pull you over
  • The police agency has not complied with the California Code of Regulations
  • You were not given the option to take a breath or blood test
  • You did not refuse a breath or blood test, but the officer thought you did
  • You were questioned in violation of your Miranda rights
  • The sobriety checkpoint that you were stopped at was not properly run
  • You requested but were denied the right to an independent test
  • You have been denied your right to a speedy trial
  • Your blood alcohol level was lower when driving than when tested

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The Know-How To Get Your DUI Case Dismissed And Keep You On The Road

As a DUI attorney in Vista, California, I know all of the ins and outs of DMV hearings and how to deal with the issues that arise during them. In some cases, I can get the charges dismissed because of technical, procedural or officer-related errors.

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