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Why not use the Public Defender (instead of private)?

Posted by Joel Bailey | Mar 15, 2017 | 0 Comments

Why Not Just use the Public Defender?

Do you really need to retain a private attorney when faced with a DUI, Domestic Violence, or Drug Case? Although the Public Defender is only appointed for indigent defendants, many people try to save money by asking for them. Does a private attorney really make a difference? I get asked this question frequently, and the honest answer is, “usually, yes”.

If you can afford a private attorney, then yes, I would say its worth your money to invest in private counsel. Most Public Defenders are excellent attorneys, but with the current budget cuts, and large increase in people trying to save money by using the public defenders, their caseloads have grown exponentially. What does that mean to you? Most public defenders have enormous caseloads that force them to spend very little time reviewing the facts and the law, and even less time explaining your choices, chances, and defenses. Investing in private counsel to thoroughly review, investigate, research, and explain the facts, the law, your defenses, your issues, and your options, both before and during trial, is critical for you to make an informed decision that can impact your future forever.

I understand that now, more than ever, money is tight, but one may argue that a thorough review of your side of the story, the evidence against you, and aggressively fighting for the best deal possible, and weighing it against your chances of prevailing at trial, is a sound investment in yourself, your family, and your future. Many times I get calls from people that went to court, were instructed to fill out a Change of Plea form, and later found out the relinquished all their rights to fight their case, or even negotiate it. You can't make an informed decision that lasts a lifetime with an overworked but well-intentioned public defender. Part of the service a private defense counsel provides for him/her clients is the luxury of a well-researched, non-pressurized evaluation of your facts. In most misdemeanor cases, my clients never have to appear in court, and can make decisions in the comfort of my office or over the phone, without the bailiff in court urging you hurry up, and potentially costing you a lifetime of regret.

Still not sure you need a private attorney? Call today and talk to me about your case, I actually answer my phones personally, and would be happy to listen to your situation, and provide an honest opinion of how I can help. I handle DUI, sex cases, embezzlement, drugs, and Three Strikes cases, in all courts of San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, and Los Angeles.

My name is Joel Bailey, and I'm here to help. Call 24/7, 760 643 4025.

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